The other day I was looking at my old Windows 98 when I found a .txt called "die-a-hero.html", the date for 
it is March 20, 2003 so I was 15 at the time. It would seem I added color to this HTML file.

FireOverride was 2 years older than me, being 17. From what I can reall the last time I saw FireOverride 
was at an Anime convention in 2008. I'm not so sure what he's up to now, I hear he works in the U.K.

Lehawk10: From: (Mike Gadda)
Newsgroups: alt.ascii-art
Subject: Re: REQUEST::"Cornholio" Beavis
Date: 19 Dec 1994 03:07:35 GMT

                                     /               \
                                    / .-----.         \
 I am the Great Cornholio!!         |/ --`-`-\         \
                                    |         \        |
 I need TP for my bunghole!!         |   _--   \       |
                                     _| =-.     |      |
 Come out with your pants down!      o|/o/      |      |
                                     /  ~       |      |
 ARE YOU THREATENING ME??          (____@)  ___ |      |
                                       _===~~~.`|      |
 Oh. heh-heh.  Sorry about that.   _______.--~  |      |
                                    \_______    |      |
 heh-heh.  This is cool.  heh-heh        |  \   |      |
                                          \_/__/       |
                                        /            __\
                                        -| Metallica|| |
                                        ||          || |
                                        ||          || |
                                        /|          / /
* TurboHero joined
TurboHero: hey
TurboHero: hey hey hey
FireOverride: Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.
TurboHero: It is so big
FireOverride: She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends
TurboHero: But, you know, who understands those rap guys?
TurboHero: They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total prostitute, 'kay
FireOverride: I mean, her butt, is just so big
FireOverride: I can't believe it's just so round, it's like, out there, I mean, gross. Look!
FireOverride: She's just so... black!
TurboHero: why did we just do that
FireOverride: i do not know why but i do not regret it
TurboHero: same
TurboHero: lol
FireOverride: but i think we should not do that again m8
TurboHero: m8?
FireOverride: mate
TurboHero: oh
FireOverride: LYSoUAQ
TurboHero: come one
FireOverride: Learn Your Shit or Up And Quit
TurboHer: how am i going to get that?
FireOverride: psss, learn how to computer
TurboHero: yeah, i am
TurboHero: jeez
TurboHero: just jumpp in the fira
FireOverride: ???
TurboHero: kill yourself
FireOverride: oh, wow okay
FireOverride: >:(
TurboHero: (j/k)
FireOverride: A hero has the power to take life, a true hero has the power to take the life of his own.
TurboHero: woah
TurboHero: where iz that from?
FireOverride: i made it up just now
TurboHero: woah
FireOverride: dude why r we still up its lie 3? lol
TurboHero: idk
FireOverride: Just kill me now
TurboHero: do u need a doctor
TurboHero: you always seem suicidal
FireOverride: No, I'm okay, I could never kill myself, I fear death too much
TurboHero: ok
TurboHero: good
FireOverride: But thank you for asking
* FireOverride left