The other day I was looking at my old Windows 98 when I found a .txt called "stone-of-madness.txt", the date for 
it is March 03, 2003 so I was 15 at the time.

I often went by the name "TurboHero" in the old days, a cool name I know. "CyberBus" was this weird kid who went 
to the same school as me, I'm not sure what happened to him, I think he may have been killed in 2009 with 
something to do with the police. The last time I talked to him was in 2004.

* Users online: CyberBus
* TurboHero joined
CyberBus: hey how are you
TurboHero: hey
CyberBus: i was looking around the web reading about weird shit
TurboHero: yeah
TurboHero: like what
CyberBus: i was reading about trepanning
TurboHero: hmmmm
CyberBus: yeah its when they drill a hole in your head to free demons from u
TurboHero: wtf
CyberBus: they did it back in the middle ages
CyberBus: i was lookin around on rotten when i found a pic called "The Extraction of the Stone of Madness"
TurboHero: link?
CyberBus: ill get it
TurboHero: lol y does that woman have a book on her head?
CyberBus: idk
CyberBus: the man doing the trepanning looks like the tinman from the wizzard of oz
TurboHero: lol he does XD
TurboHero: lol look at this
CyberBus: hmmm, he must be trepanning to
TurboHero: yeah
CyberBus: ha look the filename is madness
CyberBus: like the band XD
TurboHero: yeah
TurboHero: why is it you always find weird crap on the internet?
CyberBus: idk its cool
TurboHero: honestly cant tell if you are joking or not
TurboHero: your the type of people who would kill someone
CyberBus: >_> I don't want to kill anyone
TurboHero: are
TurboHero: you sure
CyberBus: ...yeah...
TurboHero: ok
TurboHero: uh
TurboHero: just wanted to clear that up
CyberBus: Why did you think such a thing like that?
TurboHero: becuasew
TurboHero: well
TurboHero: you say a lot of things
TurboHero: and do a lot of things
TurboHero: and thats why i think that
TurboHero: :-S
TurboHero: and it makes me uncomfortable when  im around you
CyberBus: Yeah, I'm not going to hurt anyone
TurboHero: im scared shitless of you though for a lot of reasons
TurboHero: i dont think ive met someone so
TurboHero: completely insane
CyberBus: hmmm, well take my word that I would never harm anyone ever
TurboHero: i had a guy in my highschool not as crazy as ui
TurboHero: but 
TurboHero: he tried to actually stab me
CyberBus: oh
TurboHero: so thats why
CyberBus: Yeah, I still know right from wrong
TurboHero: i get some pretty shit ptsd from it lmao
TurboHero: so im scared around people these days
CyberBus: No, I would never want to harm you in any way
TurboHero: o-ok
TurboHero: yeah
TurboHero: they guy who tried to do it was called justin and he was fucking weird
TurboHero: he extremely liked me for some reason
TurboHero: i saw him in town like a month ago and i freaked out
CyberBus: Have you ever told anyone about this?
TurboHero: yeah
TurboHero: parents
TurboHero: and he got into trouble
TurboHero: lke big trouble
CyberBus: So he should
TurboHero: yup
CyberBus: It really pissies me off that people want to harm others
TurboHero: idk y people do it
CyberBus: beats me
CyberBus: have you ever told anyone else about it?
TurboHero: ive only told my parents about it
TurboHero: I'm starting to feel deep sadness now
CyberBus: aw
CyberBus: ;c
TurboHero: And sick
CyberBus: it s okay
TurboHero: yeah
TurboHero: i guess i should not think about it
CyberBus: i guess you should
CyberBus: or you can talk t me irl
CyberBus: you should play some music to life yourself up
CyberBus: did u say u got a new cd?
TurboHero: yeah tmbg
CyberBus: cool
CyberBus: play that
TurboHero: okay, thanks ;3
CyberBus: ok :-)
TurboHero: talk to u later then
CyberBus: pip pip
* CyberBus left