In October 2010 I moved out of my Mom's house into my own, because of this it meant that there was a lot of crap that I needed to get rid of like broken toys, old books and one old Windows 98, to my suprise it still worked but it... was... very... slow.

Sadly there would be no room in my new house to keep it, and my Mom did not want it in her house, lucly one of my very good firends always wanted to have a Windows 98 eara computer so I would end up giving it to him, but not before looking around the computer to find old crap on it. A lot of the stuff I found were just freewhere games and warez. Along with this I found lots of old txt's of chatroom logs and emails I got. So, for the sake of archiving them, I might aswell put them online or something...

And for people too lazy to find out, my screen name was "TurboHero", IDK why I called myself that, I just did.